St. Oswald's Scottish Episcopal Church, Glasgow
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70th Birthday Celebrations!

On Sunday 9th September 2001, members past and present congregated in St Oswald’s Scottish Episcopal Church, Kings Park, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the consecration of the original stone building in 1931. However, it was a double celebration, as the current building was consecrated on roughly the same date in 1966, 35 years on. Another 35 years have passed, and St Oswald’s is preparing to re-invent itself again!

Around 200 people gathered to hear the Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, Rt Revd Dr Idris Jones, preach and preside at a celebration of the Eucharist, and were heartened by his words, encouraging the parish as they embark on a total transformation of their current plant, aided by Mactaggart & Mickel, a large building firm.

An Exhibition, open to the public on Saturday 15th September from 10am-12noon, told the story from the beginning, and displayed plans for a renovated church, housed in the original building of 1931, and a new Community Hall to replace the dilapidated wooden structure , built as a temporary measure in the thirties! The 1966 building will be demolished to make way for some rather upmarket housing built by Mactaggart & Mickel.

Funding for the new hall will be made available through a generous donation from the building firm, and subsequent funding will be sought from outside bodies, providing Kings Park with the sort of hall accommodation which is desperately needed, and deserves.

The Service on the 9th was full of joy and hope, the then Priest-in-Charge, Revd Kenny Macaulay concelebrating with the Bishop, and a former Rector, Canon John Woodley, now retired in Burnside. Making up the altar party were Canon Ian Watt and Canon Robin Forrest, both of whom grew up in St Oswald’s and went on to exercise their ministry in other Scottish parishes.

An excellent birthday cake was cut by Norah Templeton, the first person to be married in St Oswald’s and Rachael McClure, the most recently baptised member.

The weather was extremely kind to us, the day was enjoyed by all, and simply whetted the appetite for the next big occasion, which should be the re-consecration of the original church building, and the opening of this new hall! Aye, back to the original 1931 building! They don’t build them like they used to!

The Pictures take a minute to load, but are well worth the wait!.

Norah Templeton, the first person to be married in St Oswald's, and Rachel McClure, the most recently baptised, cut the cake!



Robed Clergy and Choir after the event!
Robed Group

The altar party, including old boys, Canon Ian Watt and Canon Robin Forrest, with the Bishop, the current Priest-in-Charge, and Canon John Woodley, former Rector of St Oswald's. Cross Bearers are Bob Gallacher and Jim Dickson

The Choir in excellent form!


Celebrating the Eucharist


Here is a link to some more photos!

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